The Foam Heads, from Oxford UK, formed in early 2020 as songwriters, writing about modern life to the backdrop of their guitar anthem sounds. The Foam Heads are Gareth on bass, synth and vocals, Nick on guitars, keyboards and vocals, and Mark on drums. Often compared to The Chameleons with their weaving pedal-synth sounds.

The Foam Heads garnered Nightshift Magazine's Top Track award in July 23, noting similarities to Happy Mondays at their rockiest, and even U2 jamming with Funkadelic! No surprise, as they’d previously listed Waste of the World as one of the best songs of 2022, calling it “a glorious bulldozer of a song, ready-made for mosh pits or festival fist pumping”.

OMS Magazine rated "New Desire" as an impressive atmospheric pop/rock track.

They are named after an ecological incident in Oxford where the Oxford Mail reported on a military chemical spill, saying that 'a wave of Foam Heads (down the river Thames) for the City'. 

GB, Bandzoogle, 2024. 


May 2024 - Oxfordshire Music Scene Magazine - Let's Get Together Again - The Foam their best!

Jan 2024 - Radio Wigwam - Annual Awards - nominated for best Indie Rock category

Dec 2023 - Nightshift Magazine - Tracks Of Our Year - No 14, Everything's F*ckd - A cracking apocalyptic tune to dance!

July 2023 - Nightshift Magazine - New Desire "Top Track" - Happy Mondays at their rockiest, early U2 jamming with Funkadelic!

July 2023 - Oxfordshire Music Scene Magazine - New Desire - An impressive atmospheric pop/rock track

June 2023 - BBC MUSIC Introducing, BBC Podcast Link, Apple Podcast Link

April 2023 - BANKS RADIO an excellent piece of music with brilliant vocals, invigorating and hypnotically splendid with an infectious vibe

December 2022 - Nightshift Magazine

Waste of the World - No 17 Tracks of Our Year, a glorious bulldozer of a song, ready-made for mosh pits or festival fist pumping

November 2022 - Melting Pot Radio

Waste of the World - A cracking track

August 2022 - Nightshift Magazine An outstanding sonic peach of a single, with a stone hard truth at its core.

July 2022 - An interview with Lost In the Nordics

 Waste of the World - There is a YouTube lyric video that goes with the song that features some amazing drone footage of waste dumps, which can be a real shock at the size of them. Definitely an eye-opener at where rubbish goes if it isn’t recycled. 

May 2022 - Nightshift Magazine

The Foam Heads... with their heroic, chorus pedal guitar sound, which immediately reminds us of cult heroes..., The Chameleons, while the trio’s anthemic closing number could have TARDIS-ed in from the first U2 album. Whatever the vintage of their influences, they’re most welcome in the present day.

March 2022 - Oxfordshire Music Scene Magazine

Mass Extinction (Korrg Remix) It’s a fun little track with some strong 80s synth-pop influences that comes with a cute little anime-inspired video to boot. I’m still not entirely clear, having listened to it through a couple of times, how (or why) we’re connecting a relationship breakdown to the climate crisis…But this is a bop. And, hey, most people don’t realise that Springsteen’s ‘Born In The USA’ is a political protest song, so it’s okay to not be entirely clear and still have a banger on your hands.

March 2022 - Nightshift Magazine 

Gig review at The Jericho - ‘Mass Extinction’ and especially ‘Insanity’ are songs of alienation that the alt-pop threesome deliver with cheerfully jangly guitar... what better way is there of a band communicating alienation, than messing with our heads? 

March 2021 - No1 Spot on the Carbon Footprint Music Production YouTube playlist Best of The Best of Indie video playlist 

Brilliant New Single Mass Extinction. By the Fantastic TheFoamHeads @FoamHeadsUK - Indie LOVERS - Jono's Music Zone 

Mass Extinction by @FoamHeadsUK has a right sound to it!! - New Indie Sounds 

Great Tune. Mass Extinction by @FoamHeadsUK - Indie Song of The Day 


Stay Safe in 2024! 

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